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(The most eaten and expensive single shelled mollusk in Cantonese cuisine – native to the Pacific Ocean is a delicacy that was once only afforded by the wealthy & only served at New Year’s banquet. Highest quality Abalones are from Japan, Australia, South Africa & Mexico. Often sold sun-dried, canned or frozen; live Abalone in shell are available in season, harvesting of these mollusks is very limited and highly protected. Reputed health benefits for eyes and the immune system as well as an aphrodisiac. The premium price is due to the time consuming and culinary skill needed in prepping and limited availability.)
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Dried Abalone & Tender Greens with Oyster Sauce

特級蠔皇鮑片扒菜膽 Braised superior quality sun-dried Abalone slices in premium oyster sauce, served with sautéed garden fresh seasonal green


Fresh Abalone & Sea Cucumber

海參扒鮮鮑片 Lightly braised tender sun-dried Sea Cucumber with ocean fresh sweet Abalone slices and homemade sauce


Dried Abalone with Goose Webs

鮑甫扣鵝掌 Savory braised favorite pairing of sun-dried Abalone slices with Goose Webs in homemade sauce


Fresh Abalone with Fish Maw & Shiitake Mushroom

花膠北菇鮮鮑片 Delectable ocean fresh Abalone slices braised with tender sun-dried Fish Maw & earthy Shiitake Mushroom