Siam Orchid Organic Fine Dining : Menu


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Choo Chee Gung

Fried head-on River shrimps and prawns simmered in sweet red curry sauce, topped with coconut milk and home grown sliced Kaffir lime leave, served with steamed organic asparagus


Gai Phad Bai Kaphrao

Sautéed organic chicken breast with Thai basil, chili, organic onion and organic bell pepper


Gai Phad Med Mamuang Himmapan

Sautéed organic crispy chicken breast in Siam Orchid signature spicy brown sauce with cashew nut, organic yellow onion, organic green onion, organic bell peppers, and roasted dry chili served in crispy taro nest


Phad Pak Anamai

Sautéed organic spinach with head on river shrimp and prawns, organic minced pork in organic garlic soy sauce


Veggie Delight

Sautéed mixed vegetable, organic asparagus, shitake mushroom, organic carrot, organic cabbage, organic broccoli, and organic fried tofu in organic garlic soy sauce


Pla Nueng Manao

Steamed wild caught Chilean sea bass in lime chili and garlic dressing


Gung Ob Woon Sen

Baked head on river shrimp and prawn casserole with silver noodle, ginger, pepper, and Chinese celery


Gung Prieo Wan

Sautéed jumbo shrimps with organic cucumber, organic pineapple, and organic tomatoes, organic onion and dried mushroom in sweet and sour sauce


Gai Prieo Wan

Sautéed sliced organic chicken breast with organic cucumber, organic pineapple, and organic tomatoes organic onion and dried mushroom in sweet and sour sauce


Gung Tord Krathiem Phrik Thai

Stir-fried jumbo prawns in garlic and pepper sauce sautéed with organic mushrooms.


Pla Sam Rot

Fried red snapper fillet in special homemade sweet and sour chili sauce topped with crispy organic basil and organic bell pepper


Pad Ma-Khur Salmon

Sautéed grilled wild Alaska Salmon with organic eggplant and organic basil in red wine special sauce


Pad Prik Khing Salmon

Grilled fillet wild Alaska salmon over green bean sautéed with spicy garlic sauce


Khao Ob Sapparot

Fried rice in pineapple with egg, tomato, onion, green onion, cashew, raisins pineapple and shrimps


Pad Thai Gung Sod

Stir-fried rice stick noodle with egg, bean sprout, chives, tofu, ground peanut and river shrimp


Pla Dook Pad Ped

Deep fried catfish stir-fried with organic basil, kaffir lime leaf, and organic bell paper in red curry paste sauce


Pha ram Tao Hu

Deep fried organic tofu topped with peanut sauce, served on a bed of steamed organic broccoli


Nor Mai Fa-Rung Pad Gung

Stir-fried organic asparagus topped with tiger prawn/organic tofu with shitake mushroom


Kaprao Ped Krob

Sliced roasted duck sautéed with organic bell pepper and crispy basil leaves